• Summer ESL Courses

  • Course Offerings

    Take a minute to explore the carefully crafted set of courses that we have developed for our summer international students.

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  • Skills Development

    We know that students have different needs and educational goals. This is why we offer a range of classes that target different learning outcomes.

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  • Understanding Units

    Different educational settings have different ways of quantifying courses. Read the content in this section to learn more about UCLA’s courseload minimums.

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  • Summer Dates & Schedules

    Remembering dates can be a bit overwhelming. To help you, we have compiled the most important dates and schedule links for our summer program.

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  • Placement

    Because our program assumes intermediate level proficiency, we encourage students to place themselves according to their skills and interests.

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  • Typical Student Profile

    You may be wondering what kinds of students take classes with us, so let us help you become familiar with the typical students who attend our program.

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  • Determining Proficiency

    We want you to take the right courses for your needs, and to help you do this, we conduct first-day proficiency diagnostics in all of our classes.

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  • Changing Courses

    Sometimes it takes a few days to figure out your best course of study, which means that you might need to change classes after starting.

    Learn How to Change Courses