• Academic Year ESL

UCLA brings students and faculty together from around the world. In this stimulating, intellectual environment, your ability to share what you know—in writing and in speech—is foundational to your participation and success.

Writing Programs offers a variety of advanced writing and communication courses taught by faculty who are academic specialists in teaching multilingual university students. In classes of just 15-22 students, you will learn to manage your academic reading load more effectively, write with more depth, analysis and precision, and speak with greater confidence and accuracy.

  • Writing Requirements for First-Year Undergraduates

    All entering freshmen (domestic and international) are subject to the same UG writing requirements. Learn more here.

    Multilingual Freshmen
  • Writing Requirement for Multilingual Transfer Students

    Some entering transfer students whose first language is not English may have a writing requirement. Learn more here.

    Multilingual Transfers
  • Writing Requirement for International Graduate Students

    All international graduate students must demonstrate their academic writing proficiency in English. Learn more here.

    International Graduates
  • Oral Proficiency Requirement for International TAs

    All international graduate students who will work as TAs must demonstrate their oral proficiency in English. Learn more here.

    International TAs
  • Program Learning Outcomes for Graduate ESL Multi Skills & International TA Courses

    Click here for a list of learning outcomes for ESL courses for graduate students and international TAs.

    Learning Outcomes
  • Faculty

    Meet the faculty who are trained specialists in teaching second-language students.

    ESL Faculty
  • Contact

    Do you have questions about ESL requirements or our course offerings? Here’s who you can contact.