About Us

Writing Programs is a part of the Humanities Division within UCLA’s College of Letters and Science.

Our Mission Statement

The mission of Writing Programs, most broadly defined, is to enrich the writing experience—and ultimately the writing performance—of our students. It’s a many layered mission…

Writing Programs serves undergraduate students through a carefully calibrated sequence of writing courses. Given the diverse linguistic backgrounds of our students, that sequence must encompass considerable breadth: ELS focused courses, first year composition courses at varied levels, and specialized advanced offerings. Our core offerings play a vital role in preparing undergraduates to succeed in their academic and future professional work. Our work in the classroom is extended by our Undergraduate Writing Center, which aids students from all areas of study at UCLA.

We extend our impact by helping others teach writing. Writing Programs’ pedagogy and language training courses improve the skills of domestic and international graduate student instructors across campus and thereby improve instruction in classes outside our direct charge.

As a teaching and learning center, Writing Programs partners with other units across campus to strengthen or reinforce varied student success efforts.

Writing Programs reaches beyond the campus through educational initiatives and live events to promote the impact of writing, writ large, around issues of expression, public discourse, and experiential learning. We bring together members of the UCLA and Los Angeles communities through service learning courses, high school workshops for students from under-resourced schools, and public events.

Our Letter of Concern Regarding Florida HB 999 (March 2023)
Our Letter of Support for the Black Lives Matter Movement (June 2020)