Graduate Certificate in Writing Pedagogy

The Graduate Certificate in Writing Pedagogy addresses the need of UCLA graduate students for more specialized training in undergraduate teaching and professional development.  The certificate provides opportunities for graduate students in all fields of study to enhance their teaching abilities, their theoretical knowledge of language and composition pedagogies, and their job market potential. Please note: At this time, the certificate is open only to UCLA graduate students.



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Admission Requirements and Application

Any UCLA graduate student who has taught at least one ESL, foreign language, English Composition, or Writing II course, including GE Clusters seminars, is encouraged to apply for the Certificate. UCLA graduate students who have not yet taught a writing/language course but who are interested in doing so are also welcome to apply.

If you have not taught with Writing Programs before, we recommend that you contact us at before applying.

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Certificate Requirements and Course Descriptions

Students who complete the 16-unit certificate program will have reflected upon the teaching of writing from several angles. They take coursework in three areas:

  • Certificate participants will be required to take at least one core course in writing pedagogy (English Composition 401, 402, or 403), all of which are designed to incorporate academic research and writing with more practical teaching objectives.
  • Students choose a teaching emphasis that most closely adheres to their academic and professional objectives and interests: Language Learners, First-Year Composition, or Writing in the Disciplines. While the classes comprising each emphasis are all numbered 495—the University’s designation for teacher training courses—these courses vary considerably in curricula and objectives depending on the student population addressed. Beginning with Summer 2017 applicants, all students must take at least one 495 training/mentoring course in Writing Programs to complete the certificate. Please note that students are welcome to complete multiple emphases as their interest and time allows.
  • Certificate participants also have the option to take elective courses outside of their chosen emphasis and the core courses.

The 16 units of coursework can be comprised of core courses, approved 495 training courses, and approved electives. Please note that additional core courses and training courses may be taken as electives toward the 16 units. Students may also petition to include relevant coursework, including departmental 495s, toward electives. Since the certificate is a highly individualized program, participants are encouraged to meet regularly with the certificate coordinator to discuss their progress in the program.

Please click here for the full course list and course descriptions.

Curricular Flow Chart for Graduate Certificate in Writing Pedagogy

Our curriculum provides many different options. To help visualize the components of the program and how to navigate them, we have created this flow chart, which will be updated to reflect changes.

Graduate Certificate in Writing Pedagogy Flow Chart (updated June 2020)

Participant Assessment

Participant assessment will be ongoing through coursework as well as required mentoring of Teaching Assistants in the program. Faculty and staff will meet quarterly, under the guidance of the certificate coordinator, to review the progress of students enrolled in the certificate program.

Contact - Graduate Certificate Coordinator

For enrollment or curricular inquiries, please contact Writing Programs’ Graduate Certificate Coordinator: