UCLA Writing Programs does much for undergraduates, graduate students, and the broader community:

  • We teach courses that have a clear impact on student success both within and outside of the academy.
  • We run an undergraduate peer tutorial center (the UWC) that helps thousands of students over the course of a year.
  • We administer prizes for excellence in writing and research.
  • We offer a summer workshop for high school students that, through a scholarship program, reaches students who are too often left outside the university.
  • We help graduate students effectively teach a diverse student body and offer a graduate certificate in teaching writing.

We’re always looking to do still more. You may choose to direct your gift to any of the above areas.


If you would like to know more of our ongoing or developing initiatives, please contact Bruce Beiderwell (Director), Leigh Harris (Associate Director), or Christine Holten (Director of the UWC).