Maja Manojlovic

A photo of Maja Manojlovic
E-mail: Office: Kaplan Hall 114

Maja Manojlovic earned her Diploma in Sociology of Culture at the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia, B.A. in French at Florida State University, M.A. in Cinema Studies at San Francisco State University, and Ph.D. in Cinema and Media Studies at UCLA with a dissertation entitled The Cinema-Machine and Digital Aesthetics: Space-Time, the New Sensorium and Permutations of the Intervallic/Interstitial. While working on her dissertation, she served at the UCLA Writing Programs as a TA for English 3 as well as a TAC co-teaching courses on Supervised Teacher Preparation and Composition Pedagogy across disciplines. She has joined the Writing Programs Faculty full time in 2014. Before that (2012-2014), she was a Visiting Assistant Professor at the UCLA Cinema and Media Studies Program, teaching graduate seminars on Electronic Culture, Digital Narratives, and Stereoscopic 3D Cinema Aesthetics. Her current research examines the effects the cinematic 3D aesthetics and VR technologies have on our embodied experience of temporality and spatiality. Moreover, she explores how the interactive new media reshape our identities and interpersonal relationships. Indeed, these research interests are reflected in the topics of her English Composition classes ranging from consumerism to popular culture (advertisements, trailers, and feature films), and from new media to “convergence culture” (social media, YouTube, and videogames).