Briley Lewis

A photo of Briley Lewis
E-mail: Office: Knudsen 3-145R

Briley Lewis is a fourth-year graduate student and NSF Fellow studying Astronomy & Astrophysics in UCLA’s Physics and Astronomy department. Her research focuses on the complete story of exoplanets: how different kinds of planets form and evolve (possibly even evolving into something that can host life!), and how we can observe this process. She has a passion for science writing, and practices her communication skills as a member of the Astrobites collaboration, contributing author for Massive Science, and organizer for ComSciCon. After teaching for UCLA’s Clusters program last year and developing her “Astrobiology in Science Journalism” seminar, she is excited to help other TAs develop their own courses and continue learning about writing pedagogy. Follow her on Twitter @briles_34 or visit her website