Teaching and Communication Resources for International TAs

UCLA Resources for ITAs

How to Improve your Speaking, Listening, and Pronunciation: Imitating a Model
Learn about a self-study technique you can use to improve your listening, speaking, and pronunciation using a short video and transcript from the web.  Learn more here.

Organizing a Lesson: Interactive Strategies and Common Classroom Language
As an international TA, you might not be familiar with the interactive nature of a TA-led lab or section. TAs are a bridge between the professor and the students, who will want to be able to ask you questions and to actively participate in section. Here are some strategies to follow as you plan your lesson and some common language used in U.S. classrooms.

Common Classroom Language for the 1st Day of Class
Do you need help explaining the syllabus and class policy on the 1st day of class? This handout gives you a step-by-step approach to presenting a syllabus and sample phrases that you can use to enhance your students’ understanding.

External Resources

Communication Strategies for International TAs
This guide by Nadine Le Gros of the University of Western Ontario provides information for international TAs on English communication in American Universities as it relates to topics such as American culture, supervisor relationships, English skills, and more.

Improving Communication in the Classroom
Read about strategies for improving communication and understanding in the classroom in this article by the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Engaging Students in Learning
Click here to find the University of Washington’s practical advice for engaging students in course material.

Language Support for ITAs
UC Riverside’s Teaching Assistant Development Program has developed a list of language support apps and websites that ITAs can use to strengthen their English language skills.

Using Google Drive as a Teaching Tool
This presentation from the University of York can help ITAs learn how to use Google Drive as a teaching tool by providing step-by-step instructions and ideas.

Tips for International TAs
Click here to access Rutgers University’s tips for International TAs, including information on discussions, classroom interactions, professional issues, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers
Find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions on this FAQ page for ITAs by the University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign.

Guidebooks for ITAs
The following guidebooks provide thorough information and useful exercises to help ITAs:

University of Southern California: Guidebook for International Teaching Assistants
Carnegie Mellon University: Collected Wisdom: Strategies & Resources from TAs for TAs
University of Toronto: Recommendations and Resources for Supporting International Students and Teaching Assistants

More Resources from Other Universities
Many other universities have compiled useful lists of resources for international TAs. Click on the following links to access some of them:

University of Utah: Resources & Information for International TAs
York University: Resources for TAs
University of California, Riverside: Teaching in the U.S.
Rutgers University: TA Project
Utah State University: ITA Training
Vanderbilt University: International Teaching Assistants Guide
University of Notre Dame: Resources for International Faculty and TAs