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“Poets in Prose”: Professional Writing Minor Capstone Seminar Colloquium

May 24, 2023 - May 26, 2023

“Always be a poet, even in prose.” -Charles Baudelaire

About The Event

UCLA Writing Programs and the UCLA Department of English invite you to our second annual Professional Writing Minor Capstone Seminar Colloquium, organized as part of Undergraduate Research Week 2023. In this series of panels, students from the Professional Writing Minor (PWM) will present an exciting array of capstone seminar projects.

A new and growing minor with just eleven graduating seniors in 2020, forty-one of the PWM’s seventy graduating seniors this year will present on a rich diversity of topics that exemplify the range, depth, and individualized paths possible within our minor. From baseball card pricing to public school assemblies, orchestral cookbooks to fairy tales, students from diverse majors will share their original work in a range of genres including personal memoirs, professional websites, podcasts, cultural criticism, and more.

Our panels are free and open to the public. Friends, family, faculty, staff, and students, including past, current, and future Professional Writing minors, are welcome to attend. Join us to experience writing as an act of both communication and exploration as these emerging writers share their insights and discoveries.


Wed. 5/24: 9-9:45AM, 10-10:45AM, 11-11:45AM (YRL 11348)
Thurs. 5/25:
11-11:45AM, 12-12:45PM, 1-1:45PM, 2-2:45PM (Kaplan 193)
Fri. 5/26:
9-9:45AM, 10-10:45AM, 11-11:45AM (Powell 186)

List of Presenters and Project Titles
  • Connor Brain; Savoring Tradition: A Culinary Account of LA’s Legacy Restaurants
  • Anthony Castillo; Amateur Detectivism: Web Sleuths and Social Media in Contemporary True Crime Investigations
  • Jialun Jeffrey Chen; The Facade of American Polyglots
  • Amber Chen; Serving Justice Behind Closed Doors
  • Hannah Chu; Does language still define humanity in the era of ChatGPT?
  • Clifford Gant; A Mother, A Mirror: A Family History of Adoption
  • Emilio Corona; Hills
  • Esperanza De Lara; The Cost of Progress: The Future of Domestic Energy in the U.S.
  • Pearl Doan; The Fall of Antibiotics (and the Rise of Gonorrhea)
  • Nora Farahdel; Changes
  • Isabelle Friedman; ‘We were always seen as temporary’: Inside the Experiences of Mothers Working as UCLA Lecturers
  • Sasha Fuson; “People Make Culture”: Feminist Media Criticism in 2023
  • Jenna Hajny; Serenity Outside: An Exploration of US National Parks
  • Jackson Harris; Pop Stars in the Modern World
  • Mariah Hernandez; The Real Families of True Crime: An Exploitation of Trauma in True Crime Entertainment
  • Sabrina Hotaki; The FOMO Epidemic: Investigating Fentynal Overdose Crisis Among College Campuses
  • Emmeline Hutchinson; American Gun Violence
  • Frances Kroll; The Mathematician’s Guide to Proficiency in Patisserie
  • Erin Kwak; Content Content
  • Sydney Lester; Empowered or Objectified? Social Media and the Paradox of Contemporary Feminism
  • Louise Lin; Fairy Tales: General Appeal and Personal Zeal
  • Desiree Lopez; Meaning of Life Project
  • Naomi Lopez; Golden Hours
  • Madeleine Lorber; The Implications of Attachment
  • Eva Muller; Spirituality in a Secular Age: An Inquiry into Youth’s Quest for Purpose and Meaning in the 21st Century
  • Esther Myers; UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music Community Cookbook
  • Lea Ozdere; Convergence in Divergence: Coming Together in Our Separate Battles
  • Aaron Phung; Bouncing through the Pressure: Reflections on AAU Basketball and Youth Competitiveness
  • Serlie Pouladian; Barriers Stronger Than Tuition
  • Amanda Schuler; Changing the Narrative
  • Sara Shirazian; Sara Shirazian’s Creative Identity Portfolio
  • Zoya Sihota; Space Matters: How Urban Form Can Foster a Sense of Community
  • Mallika Singh; Born to Love, Doomed to F*ck
  • Lily Speakman; Representation and Reclamation in the Fantasy Genre
  • Mauve Spillard; Analyzing Translation Through Dazai
  • Sonja Stott; Assembly Required?
  • Linda Tran; Power Up: Finding “Authentic” LGBTQ+ Diversity and Representation in Video Games
  • Genevieve Trimbell; For The Love Of The Sport
  • Kellen Whetstone; Predicting Baseball Card Prices With Stats
  • Sydney Wiederkehr; My Concept of Womanhood: Deconstructing Male Desire and Restoring Female Power
  • Sophie Yoakum; Westwood’s Small Businesses Have a Big Problem
The PWM Capstone Seminars are led in Sp23 by Writing Programs faculty: Dana Cairns Watson, Amber West, Maja Manojlovic, and Darien Battle Johnson. 
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May 24, 2023
May 26, 2023
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