Teaching Opportunities

Interested in a Summer ESL TAship?
  • The Summer ESL Program prides itself on its ability to welcome new graduate student instructors. Our courses offer opportunities to teach listening/speaking skills, reading/writing skills, grammar and vocabulary, and culture. In addition, we offer a thorough mentoring process for our new instructors. This allows us to guide new TAs toward success, while maximizing individual learning experiences and fostering a teaching environment that is built on professional collaboration.
  • If you would like more information on our teacher training seminar, English Composition 495A, which is offered every Spring, please email Dr. Jeremy Kelley at jkelley@humnet.ucla.edu. Please note that EC495A is the minimum required course to become eligible to teach. Inquire today to see about reserving your place in the next course offering!


Ready to apply for a Summer ESL TAship?
  • Please use the online application system to formally submit your TAship application. The Summer ESL Program only asks that applications are thoughtfully completed, especially in terms of details on schedules and preferred courses. At the end of the application, you will also be asked to submit the following:  1) a current CV; 2) a short, 1-page business style coverletter detailing why you believe you are a strong candidate to teach in the program; and 3) a sample syllabus (optional, but strongly preferred of all candidates).