Email Feedback

Are you an international student studying at UCLA from a time zone at least 8 hours ahead of Los Angeles? Or are you having trouble scheduling a Zoom appointment because of technical problems? New in Summer Session, the UWC can also provide written feedback on your papers. Here’s how it works:

International students studying at UCLA from abroad OR UCLA students having technical difficulties can request written feedback including comments and suggestions on their drafts by following these instructions (PLEASE NOTE: We do not provide feedback on weekends or on Fridays):

  • Send an email to from your UCLA student email account.  Include your UCLA student ID number in the email AND explain why you cannot make a Zoom appointment.
  • Include your draft (or outline, or brainstorm, or other document) as an attachment, as well as the assignment or rubric, if possible.NOTE: Pls. DO NOT send a PDF file. We can make comments on Word documents or on Google docs with “editing access” enabled.
  • The body of your email should include 2-3 specific concerns you would like feedback on related to your draft or the assignment, or other instructions to help the PLF focus their feedback.
  • The Writing Center will connect you with a PLF who will offer feedback, comments, suggestions, and resources.
  • The PLF will do their best to return your paper by the next business day. However, our response time will depend upon the volume of papers received and also the availability of a PLF to respond to your paper. NOTE: During busy times of the quarter and during times when we are NOT open, we will not be able to provide email feedback (this includes Fri., Saturday and Sunday). See “Locations and Hours” for our business hours.