Spring 2022 Enrollment in Eng Comp 3 or 3D for Cluster Students

If you are a Cluster student, follow these steps to enroll in English Composition 3 or 3D for Spring 2022:

1. Log onto MyUCLA and check your Degree Audit to confirm that you are eligible to take English Comp 3 or 3D (Writing I).

2. Go to this form no earlier than 12 a.m. on Thursday, February 10th (Thursday of Week 6). The deadline for completing the form is Thursday, February 17th at midnight. Spaces are assigned on a first come first served basis. (Note: Requests submitted to this form before Thurs. 2/10/22 will NOT be considered.)

    • The form will ask you to provide your name, email and University ID (no dashes or spaces) and list the top five times (5) you are available and wish to take EC 3 or EC 3D lectures in order of preference.
3. Check your Spring 2022 study list during your second pass.
    • The Writing Programs office will enroll you during second pass. (Note: you may use all of your first-pass units to enroll in other courses if you plan to wait for us to enroll you in EC3.)
    • If you are not enrolled in an EC 3 or 3D section by Friday, March 11th, please contact the Writing Programs Office directly for further instructions. Our email is wpinfo@humnet.ucla.edu.
4. You must leave enough room in your Spring 2022 course list to add 5 more units. If the addition of Eng Comp 3 or 3D, which is 5 units, will put you over your unit maximum for the quarter, the system will not let you enroll and you will lose your saved space in Eng Comp 3. Also, if you have any holds on your record, the system will not let you enroll and you will lose your saved space in Eng Comp 3.


    • Note 1 — If you fill out the form, please do not use your first pass to enroll in a section of EC 3. However, if you decide to use your first pass to enroll in a section of EC 3 or EC 3D even after filling out the form, please contact us by 2/18/22. Our email is wpinfo@humnet.ucla.edu.
    • Note 2 — We assume that if you fill out the form to reserve a spot in a Spring 2022 section of EC 3 or 3D, you plan to enroll in the Cluster course in Spring 2022. If you do not enroll in the Cluster in Spring 2022, you may lose your spot in EC 3 or 3D so that we can accommodate students who need the course to satisfy Writing I and Writing II by completing all 3 quarters of the Cluster course.
    • Note 3 — We will endeavor to place you in a section that meets during one of the preferred time slots you have selected. However, we cannot guarantee that you will be enrolled in a section during one of your selected time slots because we have many student requests to accommodate. Therefore, we suggest that you fill out the form early and vary your preferences to cover several day/time combinations. Since our process is first-come, first-served, if none of your choices remain when we get to your form, we will follow up with all sections that still have room for you to enroll in and request that you choose from one of them.