Sonia Maasik

A photo of Sonia Maasik
E-mail: Office: Kaplan Hall 140

A long-term lecturer in Writing Programs, Sonia Maasik has worked with UCLA graduate student instructors, primarily as the Coordinator and lead trainer of TAs who teach English Composition 3, UCLA’s main-line first-year writing course. In addition, she serves as a faculty mentor for all Writing Programs’ EC3 TAs and has trained TAs who taught developmental and Writing II courses. While her own teaching of undergraduates currently focuses on first-year students, she has also taught business, scientific, and media-related writing courses. With Jack Solomon, she is co-author of two composition textbooks: Signs of Life in the U.S.A., which combines a semiotic approach with a popular culture focus to teach academic writing (now in its eighth edition), and California Dreams and Realities (both published by Bedford/St. Martins).