The Summer ESL Program at UCLA is designed for English language learners who are functioning at an intermediate to advanced proficiency level. The program applies the term “intermediate” to any students who have successfully completed a minimum of two years of solid foundational English language coursework. In addition, the program assumes that all students who self-identify as “intermediate” know how to successfully communicate conversations and in academic settings beyond basic-level interactions.

All students are required to complete an English language proficiency diagnostic as a requirement for their course enrollment. The program understands that students must enroll in courses before arriving in the United States, and students are encouraged to select courses that they feel will be most beneficial to their overall growth and development; however, some courses involve a greater degree of proficiency than others. The diagnostic is designed to identify students who require further support, and to place them in courses that will be most suitable to their needs. Though we encourage freedom of choice in selecting courses, students who are designated as marginal proficiency will be required to adjust their schedule in accordance with departmental advisement.

This diagnostic will be held at the beginning of each summer session, and will typically occur during the first class meeting.

NOTE: The program is working on an online version of the diagnostic. Please check this site regularly for updates on this transition.