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To ask any questions about the program and its curriculum, please send an email to the program coordinators at

Important Contacts & Links

UCLA is a big university. Below you will find contact information for different offices that can help you answer a question or solve an issue.

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Summer Housing Application:

UCLA offers furnished residence halls and residence suites on campus to international students who are 16 years of age by June 1. Living on campus is the most convenient option as you are close to classrooms, libraries, restaurants and shops.

However, if you are thinking of living off campus, make sure you choose a neighborhood that is close by or that offers transportation to UCLA. We strongly encourage you to visit the UCLA Community Housing Office and use their search engine (only for registered students) to look for housing nearby.



General Information:


Detailed Information about our courses can be found here. Should you require further information on courses offered our Summer ESL Program, you can also contact the program coordinators directly.

Email: or

Pre-departure Checklist:

This is a great application checklist provided by UCLA Summer Sessions. Please follow all the steps listed in it:

Health Insurance:
Health insurance is mandatory for ALL international students, and there are no exceptions! When you register, UCLA will automatically enroll you in a two-part health insurance plan.For more details on health insurance, please visit the UCLA Summer Sessions website.