English 3 Proficiency

English 3 Proficiency Exam Schedule

English 3 Proficiency Exam – ON HOLD!

In accordance with the UC Office of the President, Writing Programs has temporarily suspended the administration of the English 3 Proficiency Exam effective Summer 2017.  The UC administration has not yet approved the use of scores from the new SAT to satisfy the UC Entry Level Writing Requirement (ELWR).  The UC Office of the President expects it will take at least a year to review the new SAT / SAT Essay outcomes in order to make a decision on proficiency exam equivalencies.

Beginning Summer 2017, all students who have satisfied ELWR but need to complete Writing I are advised to enroll in an English Composition 3 (3D, 3DS, 3E) course.


You may take the English 3 Proficiency test only if you scored a 720 or higher on the SAT Writing portion of the SAT Reasoning. No other tests are accepted.

If you do pass the test, you do not take English Composition 3. You move directly to Writing II.

If you do not pass the test, you need to take English Composition 3 and then take Writing II.


  1. You do not pay for the exam.  You do not register. Simply come to the exam.

2. Bring: UCLA student identification card and pens (no pencils).

3. Location is subject to change. Check the English 3 Proficiency Exam Schedule for the testing site on the day of the exam


When:   You find out your placement about a week before enrollment in the next quarter begins.

Where:   You find out your placement by looking at your DARS screen in the Writing area.

What:    If Writing I is satisfied, you have passed the English 3 Proficiency test.

If it says Writing I is still required, then you need to take English Composition 3.

For questions: Contact the Writing Programs Office.