Hours & Locations

Contact Information:

Phone: 310-206-1320 | Email: wcenter@g.ucla.edu



pkg_libraryA61 Humanities

Hours: Mon.-Thur., 10am-5pm (closed Fridays) — 50-minute appointments & walk-in appointments available

pkg_library-1Rieber Hall 115  (for on-campus residents only)

Hours: Mon. and Wed., 7pm – 9pm
25- & 50-minute appointments available. Walk-in appointments only available if there are late cancellations.

Powell_Library_UCLA_front_viewSocial Science Satellite (located in Powell 238)

Hours: Closed for summer.

Powell_Library_UCLA_front_viewPowell 238 Evenings & Sundays  

Hours: Closed for Summer

We will open on Monday, July 3rd in A61 Humanities & Rieber Hall 115 


A61 Humanities — walk-in appts. available everyday Mon-Thurs, 10am-5pm; Closed Fridays
Social Science Satellite (Powell 228) — Closed for summer
Rieber 115 (for dorm residents only) — walk-in appts. available only if there are late cancellations
Powell 238 — closed for summer

 If there are no appointments available at the time you wish to come in, you may ask to be put on our waitlist. If we have late cancellations, we will text you or call you to let you know. To be put on our waitlist, call or text us at 310-206-1320 or e-mail wcenter@g.ucla.edu with your full name, student ID number (UID), times you are available for the appointment, and contact information.

Our Attendance and Cancellation Policies

  • Only registered UCLA undergraduates can use our services. Graduate students can contact the Graduate Writing Center at (310) 267-4805 or gwc@gsa.asucla.ucla.edu
  • APPOINTMENT POLICY: You may schedule up to 2 appointments per week, but not on the same day.
  • CANCELLATION: If you need to cancel your appointment, you MUST cancel your appointment 12 hours in advance. You can modify or cancel it online. See “Make an Appointment”.
  • CANCELLATION ON THE DAY OF YOUR APPOINTMENT: If you need to cancel on the day of your appointment, please e-mail wcenter@g.ucla.edu or call us at 310-206-1320.
  • BEING LATE: In A61 Humanities or the Social Science location, if you are more than 10 minutes late for your appointment, you will lose your session to a student who is waiting. In Rieber 115 and Powell 228, if you are more than 5 minutes late, you will lose your session to a student who is waiting.
  • LOSING WRITING CENTER PRIVILEGES: If you miss or are late for 2 scheduled appointments without cancelling 12 HOURS PRIOR TO YOUR APPOINTMENT, you will not be allowed to schedule an appointment at the Writing Center again during the quarter in which you violate the policy.
  • TAKE-HOME EXAM POLICY: We can help with take-home exams, but you must bring written consent from your instructor to your appointment. Without written consent, we cannot work with you.