Dante Camargo

A photo of Dante Camargo

Dante Camargo, C.Phil. in Near Eastern Languages and Cultures (2015), graduated with a B.A. in Spanish and linguistics, which he now teaches at Glendale College in the Los Angeles area. In addition to Spanish and linguistics, he also teaches ESL at UCLA and Classical Hebrew and Aramaic to Spanish- and Portuguese-speakers through the Hebrew University in Jerusalem’s on-line Ulpan program. As a complement to his love of teaching languages, he also enjoys traveling for the purpose of learning languages and local history and as a result has spent a year in Tangiers, Morocco and Yerevan, Armenia. In addition to his scholarly pursuits, he has also worked for private industry as a linguist specializing in natural language processing for the Walt Disney Company (2010-2012) and quality assurance for foreign languages at a tech startup that makes personalized apps (2015). He also is very active in cat rescue efforts and is the proud parent of three felines. As an ESL instructor, he brings his experience working and speaking English with international teams in the corporate sector and tailors his lessons around the current vocabulary, writing and small talk culture that is in vogue in the technology sector.